About Us

Trust. Value. Relationship.

Are these the words that come to mind when you think of insurance? Maybe not. More than likely, words like frustration, irritation, and confusion a more apt to come to mind. We are on a journey to change that.

Our Primary Purpose

Deep River Insurance exists to build a relationship with you. We are committed to providing value and developing trust, over seeking to give client the lowest possible cost without regard to each client’s unique circumstances and needs. We seek to serve our broad range of customers by guiding and advising, whether through offering a variety of insurance options or taking the extra time to help you understand how your policy works. You can rest easy knowing exactly how your insurance policy protects you. No matter what, our core mission to our customers is to look after them, not to sell them a product they may or may not understand. Claims will arise. This is just a fact of life. We want to help you find a financial product that cares for you when the inevitable happens.

"A customer to us is not just a person, it's a relationship. We want to understand the need and provide a solution that ultimately provides peace of mind."
~ Jon Dresbach

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